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Saturday, June 7 • 11:30pm - Sunday, June 8 •12:00am

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A brief biography
By W.W. Chesterson XII

Book 1, Chapter 1: The Toil Of The Beast

[Ext. Castle Rooftop, Night - The planet's three moons shine brightly in the distance. A man is seen clutching a jeweled spear-sword, stoically scanning the nightscape from the ramparts. This is the world of EUPHASIA, storied realm of mystery and adventure. A cloaked figure approaches.]

GUARD: Me lord! The Emperor's army is purported to be traveling east, to the Canyon Of Zog!

SIR SYBERIUS: This is truly grim. With two of the spice crystals firmly within in Lord Shadowbane's clutches, it is only a matter of time until his forces capture the third. Defeat at the Canyon Of Zog could spell the downfall of the United Alliance Of Man. Hark! Inform the Dutchess. Our troops must be assembled.

GUARD: But sir! What of the curse?

SIR SYBERIUS: I have dreaded and anticipated this day for six ages. If the curse is to take me, if I am to spend an eternity clawing at the chains of Xul, so be it. I will gladly sacrifice my soul to spare the kingdom. To spare... my daughter.

GUARD: Very good sir


SIR SYBERIUS: Ah, EUPHASIA. My home, my one true allegiance. I shall ride 4 u

Saturday June 7, 2014 11:30pm - Sunday June 8, 2014 12:00am
Toast Collective 648 Kingsway

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